Alex Frost : Reproduction

Artist Alex Frost introduces his new exhibition ‘Reproduction’, which is shown as part of the Glasgow International Festival. Frost’s work explores the idea of reproduction, not just the simple remaking of an image or object, but the idea of human reproduction as well. References to these themes are seen throughout the exhibition in the form of digital prints, resin works and sculptural works. Some will recognise brands for nappies and pharmaceuticals, which have been displayed with a twist to the familiar form.

Alex Frost is an artist who lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. His most recent solo exhibitions include: Future Spotters (Kassel, 1987 & Münster, 2013), 2013, at Wewerka Pavilion, Münster, Germany; The Old & New Easterhouse Mosaic (& everything in between), 2012, at Platform, Glasgow and The Connoisseurs, 2010, at Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee.

Reproduction is on at the Glasgow Print Studio, until the 18th May 2014.

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