Zoe Beloff : A History of Dreams Remains to Be Written

Edinburgh born, New York based artist and filmmaker Zoe Beloff, talks to us about her exhibition, A History of Dreams Remains to Be Written, currently at the Talbot Rice Gallery. An exhibition showing two installations, Zoe tells us about the first part, Dreamland The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and its Circle 1926-1972.

Beloff was invited by the director of the Coney Island museum to create an exhibit that celebrated the 100th anniversary of Sigmund Freud’s visit to Coney Island. Using the Amateur Psychoanalytic Society, a group started by Albert Grass in which members study their dreams, as a frame work, Beloff explored the affect Freud’s visit had on the people of Coney Island. Featuring film footage of the society, drawings and models, Beloff describes the history as a serious one rather than a literal one.

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