Since 2012, Summerhall TV has been reporting on the arts at Summerhall and from across Edinburgh, showcasing the weird and the wonderful in neat 2-3 minute arts-news clips. We have covered over 500 exhibitions, performances and events, providing previews and reviews of contemporary arts in the Capital, building upon the archive begun in 2000 with Edinburgh Television and Channel Six Dundee.

Welcome to Art in Scotland TV, the brand new channel launched by the team behind Summerhall TV. Based on the simple combination of news and archive developed for Summerhall TV, Art in Scotland TV extends coverage of contemporary arts throughout Scotland.

Our new venture is financed by Creative Scotland. We are enhancing access to contemporary arts through arts-news clips, providing employment prospects through training and work opportunities for arts and media graduates. We aim to assist arts staff to showcase their own work on events and festivals using social media.

Our training and programme making will extend throughout Scotland bringing art from Scotland to Scotland, gathering together the very best of Art in Scotland.

Summerhall TV will continue to develop ideas to bring the arts and audiences together via TV. Focusing on all that Summerhall has to offer we will build up our longer programmes, our films of plays, concerts and panel discussions, expanding literary coverage and devise ways to represent Summerhall’s museums and archives on TV.

…and more about ourselves

Dr David Rushton – Director, local area interest: Dumfries and Galloway and Western Isles
Luci Wallace – Project Coordinator
Lee Richardson – Filmmaker and editor, local area interest: Edinburgh and Lothians
Ben Grieve – Filmmaker and editor, local area interest: East Central Scotland and Training
Elga Dudareva –  Filmmaker and editor, local area interest: Western Scotland
David Hammond – Filmmaker and editor, local area interest: Shetland, Orkney and North Scotland
Sylvia Ferradal – Filmmaker and editor, local area interest: Scottish Borders